I love writing, and I love doing Qigong. I believe that we are energy beings, and that most of our problems are due to getting that energy stuck. We get stuck physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I also love telling people what to do. Not in a bossy kind of way, far from it! But I like sitting with people and hearing about their stories, their love problems, their life-jams, and offering them tools, maybe a different point of view, to help them get unstuck. Just a little tiny push to help people see that, what they see as a problem, can turn into a solution.

With two psychologist siblings in my family, I decided to take another path. No “Freud squad” for me. Maybe I would have been good at it, who knows! But we siblings still share some similarities: I became a teacher. I believe in education as a tool for change. And now I’m hoping this blog will combine my passions for teaching and writing, and let people know a little about my practices of Qigong.

I have been diagnosed with cancer, not just once, but twice. My body told me all along to listen and change, but I am also definitely stubborn, so I did not pay attention until it boiled down to jumping off the train or die.  So I jumped. I took a leap of faith, and embarked on my Qigong practice, and my spiritual journey (which goes hand in hand). I began to pay close attention to my body, to my heart, to the way I think and process thoughts and emotions.  The energy started to flow, and my life (relationships, health and the way I feel about myself) changed for the better.

After hearing many times that “you should write that down,” “publish what you just told me in a blog,” I have decided to follow through. Here I want to share with whoever wants to read some of my own whacks and blots, and what I have done to overcome the blows of life, and just keep going.

-Edna Melisa Rodriguez-Plate